The GOP is committed to their own demise

After seeing an article shared by the Keystone Cannabis Coalition noting how NONE of the republican candidates for governor of Pennsylvania are in favor of ending cannabis prohibition, despite the republican marketing that talks about individual rights, and mocks The Constitution by feigning adherence to it.

So, no insult to dinosaurs, but if the GOP is committed to begin dinosaurs, then they need a new logo… So here it go:

Blame the Supreme Court for Letting the Feds Target Legal State Pot

The awful precedents that helped empower Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Source: Blame the Supreme Court for Letting the Feds Target Legal State Pot

This is an insightful article. Pointed specifically at the actions around cannabis, but it speaks specifically about when the so called ‘supreme court’ stopped obeying The Constitution.

It seems that in 1942 a farmer disobeyed federal orders on how much weat they were permitting him to grow. Since the federal government has no authority to declare how much an individual my grow for their own use, he stood up to them and eventually the so called ‘supreme court’ declared that the federal government had authority over ANYTHING that might have an ‘economic effect’ on interstate commerce.

This case was nothing more than bullying an individual like someone on the schoolhouse yard: Everyone watching KNEW they had no right to do it, but they did it violently enough that nobody else stood up to them.

At this point we have fallen so far that congressmen blithely declare “90% of what we do isn’t authorized by The Constitution” without concern for any accountability whatsoever.

The ONLY solution is for The People and The States to DEMAND The Constitution be obeyed.


Did Jeff Sessions Just Increase the Odds Congress Will Make Marijuana Legal?

The attorney general has created intolerable uncertainty for a growing industry that is now demanding legal protections from Congress. And lawmakers are listening.

Source: Did Jeff Sessions Just Increase the Odds Congress Will Make Marijuana Legal?

I think he did.

The thing that nobody really wants to talk about is that all sessions is doing is his job: cannabis is illegal, his job is to enforce the law. So that is what it is.
But enforcing that law, when my local paper, and many other ‘small town’ papers are writing positive articles about cannabis (something UNHEARD of even a decade ago), and with a population of average people who’ve ‘outrun the propaganda’ long enough to KNOW the truth about cannabis, can only force the actions of Congress, if they do their damned job finally, or The States, or if this goes on much longer, The People.
Of course, its interesting with all the members of congress I’ve heard talking about cannabis since last Monday, only ONE (Justin Amash) even MENTIONED that federal prohibition is unconstitutional. This means that the members of congress by and large still want to resolve this without a ‘constitutional crisis’, because neither ‘side’ (the R’s nor the D’s) even REMOTELY obeys The Constitution or wants to. As soon as we’re enforcing The Constitution, jeff sessions job doesn’t even EXIST any more.
So the result is we have members of congress who are angry and demanding the attorney general NOT do his job, rather than (finally) demand that this government be constrained by The Constitution as it is supposed to be every day.
Again, the VAST majority of problems in the uS are the result of the federal government running rampant and ignoring The Constitution which is there to constrain its powers and actions.
Oh, and it’s nice to hear some D’s finally talking about ‘states rights’. Though until they bring up the constitutional question, this simply ISN’T a states rights issue. If the prohibition of cannabis were constitutional, they would have no ‘states rights’ argument. As it stand though, The States have a DUTY do declare this prohibition so, and oppose it at every level and at every opportunity.

U.S. Supreme Court to hear case of Florida couple’s treehouse


Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen built a Florida beachfront treehouse that would be the envy of any child. It’s got two levels, hammocks and windows looking out on the Gulf of Mexico.

Source: U.S. Supreme Court to hear case of Florida couple’s treehouse

“the justices, who only hear argument in about 80 of the thousands of cases they’re asked to take each year.”
That’s the phrase that catches me. I’m not shocked by the fact that the local government, that steals these peoples money every day, wants to tell them what they can do with their own damn property.
But what the hell does the so called ‘supreme court’ do?!?! They get over $200,000.00 of YOUR money every year to hear 80 cases!??!?! All the injustice? All the blatant VIOLATIONS of The Constitution, and these people only hear 80 cases a YEAR!?!? What are they doing the rest of the time?!?!
Well, apparently they’re making tens of thousands more from the book deals, and speaking gigs that keep them from doing their damned jobs.

Political Welfare

Source: 79 Members Of Congress Have Been In Office For At Least 20 Years | Zero Hedge

In one of the most popular bifurcations in our society, we are some of us told to bitch about ‘social welfare’, the others of us to bitch about ‘corporate welfare’ yet we never seem to consider the system of POLITICAL welfare that is really destroying our nation and government.

Orrin Hatch, of Utah has been on political welfare since 1977, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has been on political welfare since 1987. John Boehner of Ohio has been on political welfare since 1991. Congressman John Conyers, Jr. was on political welfare since TWO YEARS BEFORE I WAS EVEN BORN (all the while sexually harassing women that worked for him).

But don’t worry about him, despite sexually harassing women for years, he’ll CONTINUE to be on political welfare for the rest of his life. Just like EVERY other person in congress. Conyers for example will collect at LEAST $140,000.00 EVERY YEAR for the rest of his life. YOU will be paying him, for doing NOTHING for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, the ones with D’s after their names tell you that you should be mad at evil corporations that (THEY VOTED TO) get millions of your money, and the ones with R’s after their names tell you to be mad at poor people who (THEY VOTED TO) get to live off everyone else’s labor. And the VAST majority of people in the united States happily obey.

For the love of God, wake up. Stop believing the inane bullshit that your politicians tell you. Stop bitching about the people getting money from government and start bitching at, and demanding accountability for the people GIVING THEM your money.

The state of the States

So I got an email from a cannabis related group about  ‘the state of marijuana in the world today’. They note:

“This year, Canada, South Africa, and Brazil joined the list of marijuana-friendly countries. The United States, unfortunately, is still divided.”

Of course, I had to jump right on this. They unknowingly, of course, hit right on the problem:

The United States isn’t divided, the united States ARE divided. And the united States are SUPPOSED to be divided.

With the despicable Jeff Sessions now declaring he will violate the sovereign rights of individuals in these States who consume, cultivate or distribute cannabis, it will only become MORE divided.

The time has come for these States to STAND. California; you steal more money from your people in the form of taxes than most other states, it’s time to spend that money DEFENDING your people. You want to assert your authority under the tenth amendment?

Then assert it:

Step one, give NO aid or assistance to ANY federal agents.
Step two, ARREST ANY federal agent who tries to kidnap one of your citizens who are engaging in activity that is legal in your state.
Step three, CLEARLY declare federal prohibition as unconstitutional.
Step four, if the feds threaten to cut ‘funding’ to your state, STOP SENDING YOUR PEOPLES MONEY to the feds.

These state whore politicians have FAR too long allowed the feds to manipulate them by bribing them with money they stole from The People of their state.  That needs to end. We can’t ‘vote the bums out’ of DC, that has never worked and never will, the only thing we can do is enforce The Constitution.

The States are the only possible way it can be done without actual violent revolution.

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