Political Welfare

Source: 79 Members Of Congress Have Been In Office For At Least 20 Years | Zero Hedge

In one of the most popular bifurcations in our society, we are some of us told to bitch about ‘social welfare’, the others of us to bitch about ‘corporate welfare’ yet we never seem to consider the system of POLITICAL welfare that is really destroying our nation and government.

Orrin Hatch, of Utah has been on political welfare since 1977, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has been on political welfare since 1987. John Boehner of Ohio has been on political welfare since 1991. Congressman John Conyers, Jr. was on political welfare since TWO YEARS BEFORE I WAS EVEN BORN (all the while sexually harassing women that worked for him).

But don’t worry about him, despite sexually harassing women for years, he’ll CONTINUE to be on political welfare for the rest of his life. Just like EVERY other person in congress. Conyers for example will collect at LEAST $140,000.00 EVERY YEAR for the rest of his life. YOU will be paying him, for doing NOTHING for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, the ones with D’s after their names tell you that you should be mad at evil corporations that (THEY VOTED TO) get millions of your money, and the ones with R’s after their names tell you to be mad at poor people who (THEY VOTED TO) get to live off everyone else’s labor. And the VAST majority of people in the united States happily obey.

For the love of God, wake up. Stop believing the inane bullshit that your politicians tell you. Stop bitching about the people getting money from government and start bitching at, and demanding accountability for the people GIVING THEM your money.

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