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“the 9mm full-metal jacket round has a one-shot stop percentage ranging from 60.81% to 70%. The .45 ACP full-metal jacket round used by the legendary M1911 had one-shot stop percentages ranging from 60.72% to 65%.”

via ARMY WANTS A NEW PISTOL | Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

An article about the US Army potentially replacing their M9 pistol with a new modular system. However the point that stuck out for me was the fact highlighted above:

In practical combat usage, the one shot stopping rate of the 9mm M9 (Beretta) is all but EXACTLY the same as, or even a hair better than, the old M1911 .45 caliber.

Combine this with the 9mm’s ability to stay on target between rounds, compared to the inability to stay on target with the .45 (yes Caleb, I know your double-taps, but you’re the only one), and the 9mm continues to make a LOT of sense as a combat or defensive round.

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