Blame the Supreme Court for Letting the Feds Target Legal State Pot

The awful precedents that helped empower Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Source: Blame the Supreme Court for Letting the Feds Target Legal State Pot

This is an insightful article. Pointed specifically at the actions around cannabis, but it speaks specifically about when the so called ‘supreme court’ stopped obeying The Constitution.

It seems that in 1942 a farmer disobeyed federal orders on how much weat they were permitting him to grow. Since the federal government has no authority to declare how much an individual my grow for their own use, he stood up to them and eventually the so called ‘supreme court’ declared that the federal government had authority over ANYTHING that might have an ‘economic effect’ on interstate commerce.

This case was nothing more than bullying an individual like someone on the schoolhouse yard: Everyone watching KNEW they had no right to do it, but they did it violently enough that nobody else stood up to them.

At this point we have fallen so far that congressmen blithely declare “90% of what we do isn’t authorized by The Constitution” without concern for any accountability whatsoever.

The ONLY solution is for The People and The States to DEMAND The Constitution be obeyed.


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