Bundy Ranch was a win – no matter what ultimately happens


Bundy Ranch was a win – no matter what ultimately happens.

So the Bundy ranch ‘standoff’ was a win for liberty. I agree. Harry Reid’s tantrum and name calling aside, The People managed to stand against a federal government bent on enforcing their will through violence. Whether they were ready to murder the Bundy family because they failed to pay their ‘fees’ or because of the aforementioned Harry Reid’s back door deals with chinese solar companies is broadly irrelevant. The fact that there were employees of the bureau of land management (not police, or soldiers; employees of a bureaucracy) with cross hairs on citizens of the United States who’s rights to Life, Liberty and Property they supposedly swore to protect and defend, is the mater.

More importantly even than that at this point though is the fact that people came from near and far to face them, and say “You need to leave“. And the hired guns, with their armored trucks, and their sniper rifles (and yes, ‘assault rifles’) BACKED DOWN. They left.

Will they come back? I don’t know. I can’t imagine the forces of arrogance and tyranny would not try again. The arrogance demonstrated historically suggests they will spin a story (I don’t know, perhaps by suggesting that they are ‘domestic terrorists’), then kill EVERYONE there. Unless they go back and there’s still a hundred Americans from all over the US standing there. Then the blunt instrument that is the enforcement end of the executive branch of the federal government has no idea what to do.

The first lesson every junior high school student learns is this: a bully backs down when the victim is joined by others who’ll stand up for him. And that’s what government has become, a bully bent on enforcing it’s will: The federal government says “You must give us 30% of your income so we can do any dumb thing we want with it“. Local government says ‘you can’t cut down more than 20% of the trees on your own damn property, and if you put up a fence you OWE US MONEY”!??!?! The state and the county find their own niches to inflict their will on you.

So what does all this mean for you? Well, it means the next time you hear that your local government is sending police to your neighbors house to arrest them because they dared to have a vegetable garden in their FRONT yard, you go there and stand with them and tell the cop that he has no authority to stop them from providing for their Life by gardening. That they have no authority to infringe on the Liberty of that neighbor to garden wherever they want on their own Property.

Get to know your neighbors, talk about Liberty. Engage their minds. Don’t push but talk. Most people are asleep but can even now see their liberties being dissolved; NSA, IRS, DOJ, TSA. Remind them that they don’t need to be afraid. That they can face fear. They can face tyranny. The people at the Bundy ranch aren’t anything particularly special. They are people, who’ve had enough and decide to stand up. You can too.



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