Bundy vs. Charles Krauthammer or “why the federal government loves the federal government”


Bundy vs. BLM Land Disputes Analyzed by Charles Krauthammer | The Federalist Papers.

Krauthammer’s dead wrong and completely out of touch.

This wasn’t a matter of ‘being a conservative hero’. It’s a matter of someone saying NO. Standing up. That’s why people didn’t wait to find out what he was really about (though his comments are being taken out of context and to mean things he didn’t say, in fact some are taken as the exact opposite).

The People have waited for one of mr krauthamers ‘real conservative heroes’ to stand up to the federal government and they have NOT. Conservative hero george bush gave us the so called ‘patriot act’, conservative heroes in the congress don’t do ANYTHING about bengazhi, or fast and furious, or the IRS targeting…, conservative hero rubio wants amnesty, conservative hero krauthammer says we need to ‘have respect for the federal government’; which exists above the law, which allows congress to engage in things EVERY DAY that would send any other citizen to jail, which allows so called ‘supreme’ court judges to rewrite the so called ‘healthcare’ law to try to make it sound constitutional, which allows the so called ‘department of justice’ to just NOT enforce laws that don’t serve their agenda.

Tell me which part I’m supposed to respect mr krauthammer?

What’s the real story?

The real story is that krauthammer is an establishment gop guy. He doesn’t want liberty, he doesn’t want the constitution to rule this nation, he wants HIS PARTY to rule this nation. When The People stand up to the so called ‘federal government’, that threatens everything they are about, ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ alike.

Why is obama not in jail right now? Why isn’t hillary? Why isn’t holder? Why isn’t lerner? Why isn’t half the NSA and all of the TSA???? Because everyone in government that has the authority or power to do it, just want to perpetuate the system that they have. The only threat to that status quo, that system that rules over us, is The People.

And that’s the point, in this matter The People, right, wrong, ignorant or other, came together and stood up to armed agents of this federal government and said NO. And that scares the piss out of every last one of them.

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