Civil Asset Forfeiture Victim Fought — and Won — When the Government Tried to Take His Property |


“government has the power to seize property if it’s linked to a crime — even if the owners are completely innocent,”

via Civil Asset Forfeiture Victim Fought — and Won — When the Government Tried to Take His Property |

A couple important points here; First, I’m glad that he notes that government has the POWER to seize property, not the authority. They have this power just like anyone else with weapons and threat of violence has the power to seize property. Like a mugger or bank robber. Government has that power.

It does NOT however have the authority.

Second point, is following this to its logical end; Under this concept, or what some call ‘regulation’ (though I don’t know what stealing someones property regulates), the logical end is, if someone breaks into my home and kills my wife, the government can take my home.

I did nothing wrong. I am not charged in any way with the crime. But a crime was committed there, so the government gives it self permission to steal my property.

There are now local and state governments that BUDGET for this money. meaning they already have plans for the money that they will steal from people this year. That means they HAVE to make sure they steal that much from their citizens this year. They HAVE TO.

This is insanity of government beyond measure, and in most cases it’s local, so you can face it. You can look it in the eye and say NO. You can go to your neighbors house and stand with him or her, when the government says they’re going to steal his house because their child smoked a plant or some nonsense. When people stand in the face of tyranny, tyranny cowers.


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