Did Jeff Sessions Just Increase the Odds Congress Will Make Marijuana Legal?

The attorney general has created intolerable uncertainty for a growing industry that is now demanding legal protections from Congress. And lawmakers are listening.

Source: Did Jeff Sessions Just Increase the Odds Congress Will Make Marijuana Legal?

I think he did.

The thing that nobody really wants to talk about is that all sessions is doing is his job: cannabis is illegal, his job is to enforce the law. So that is what it is.
But enforcing that law, when my local paper, and many other ‘small town’ papers are writing positive articles about cannabis (something UNHEARD of even a decade ago), and with a population of average people who’ve ‘outrun the propaganda’ long enough to KNOW the truth about cannabis, can only force the actions of Congress, if they do their damned job finally, or The States, or if this goes on much longer, The People.
Of course, its interesting with all the members of congress I’ve heard talking about cannabis since last Monday, only ONE (Justin Amash) even MENTIONED that federal prohibition is unconstitutional. This means that the members of congress by and large still want to resolve this without a ‘constitutional crisis’, because neither ‘side’ (the R’s nor the D’s) even REMOTELY obeys The Constitution or wants to. As soon as we’re enforcing The Constitution, jeff sessions job doesn’t even EXIST any more.
So the result is we have members of congress who are angry and demanding the attorney general NOT do his job, rather than (finally) demand that this government be constrained by The Constitution as it is supposed to be every day.
Again, the VAST majority of problems in the uS are the result of the federal government running rampant and ignoring The Constitution which is there to constrain its powers and actions.
Oh, and it’s nice to hear some D’s finally talking about ‘states rights’. Though until they bring up the constitutional question, this simply ISN’T a states rights issue. If the prohibition of cannabis were constitutional, they would have no ‘states rights’ argument. As it stand though, The States have a DUTY do declare this prohibition so, and oppose it at every level and at every opportunity.

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