Does the federal government want less murder or more control?

Here’s a comment I shared on facebook as people were discussing this latest murder spree and demanding ‘something must be done’:

[Let’s] Look at the guy who shot up that church in Texas: He was DISHONORABLY discharged from the air force. People who are dishonorably discharged are not permitted to purchase or possess firearms. Why was he able to? Because the federal government didn’t make a SIMPLE database entry. That entry of a few key strokes. The federal government didn’t care enough to prevent this person from owning a firearm.

He also had been convicted of domestic abuse. Those so convicted, are not permitted to possess firearms. Why was he able to? Because again, government did NOT make a simple database entry.

Look at the kid that shot up this school. How many times had he been IN THEIR HANDS? Conservative estimate is about 30 TIMES. What did they do? Nothing. THE FBI was notified that “he planned a shooting in January”. What did the FBI do to prevent it? Nothing.

The guy who shot up the night club in Orlando was in FBI CUSTODY THREE TIMES before he shot the place up. What did they do to prevent it? Nothing.

How many people LIE on firearms purchase forms? Between 2008 and 2015 there was found to be over 550,000 people who LIED on their purchase paperwork. This is not only a federal felony, but a HUGE red flag that a criminal is trying to get a gun. You would think that this government would leap into action and arrest them all; especially given the administration in office at that time expressed GREAT concern for ‘the dangers of firearms’… Only 254 of the 550,000 were even CONSIDERED for prosecution.

Now let’s look at the school that was shot up.  How well protected are schools? Well, to be honest, schools are kill boxes. A place where children are forced to go, where there is NO security in most cases. Certainly no one suited to defend against any armed assailant. Who are the heroes in these situations? People who simply put themselves between the killer and the child they were trying to kill. While this is certainly noble, it’s not defense. Defense stops a threat. There is NOTHING to stop a threat in a school.

Why is that? The federal government has declared that schools are ‘gun free zones’. As I hope most intelligent people have picked up on by now, ‘gun free zone’ means “only criminals may possess firearms”.

So let’s review: The federal government forces children to go schools that they bar anyone other than police from carrying a defensive firearm in. When that same federal government, the one that warns us about the dangers of firearms, finds out a criminal tried to possess a firearm they do NOTHING 99.96% of the time. When they later investigate one of those people on other crimes or conditions they do nothing. When they are WARNED that someone is ABOUT to murder people, they do nothing.

Then when one of the people they did NOTHING about murders a bunch of people, this government says that you need to allow them MORE (unconstitutional) power to keep you safe.

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