Episode-1607- Listener Feedback for 7-20-15

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Source: Episode-1607- Listener Feedback for 7-20-15


So i was listening to this episode of The Survival Podcast today, and listening to the part at the beginning where he’s talking about Greece, and I recalled how I heard when they were at their last cliff a week or so ago, and similar to Cyprus they were planning on doing a ‘haircut’ on bank deposits over a certain amount.

Now, let’s not quickly brush past the idea that governments and banks think so little of the right of individuals to their own damn property, that they flippantly call taking 10% of it with no reasonable rational justification, a ‘haircut’.

But after that, I have to admit, I was thinking about how outrageous that is, and how pissed us Americans would be if they tried that with us…

Then I realized, they’ve been doing just that to us for the last several years (if not decades). Call it printing money, or quantitative easing, or QE1,2,3… It’s all the same thing: They print or just ‘create’ more money out of thin air and then give it to themselves (the fed after all isn’t part of the federal government, they are a private entity, made up of private bankers, charged with managing US currency).

So the bankers and government gets more money. What happens to us? Well, that new money causes the money that already exists to be worth less. Over the last 15 years at a rate of about 7-13% (if you look at the real numbers). And here’s the rub, if that money is in the bank, you lost 7-13%. But if that money is in a safe deposit box, if that money is in a safe at home or if that money is under your mattress, you STILL lost that 7-13%.

At this point your government and the bankers that control them, don’t even need to have access to your money to steal it from you.

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