FBI director warns against cellphone encryption

FBI director warns against cellphone encryption

“We have the legal authority to intercept and access communications from information pursuant to court order, but we often lack the technical ability to do so,”

via FBI director warns against cellphone encryption.

And if they ONLY ‘intercepted’ data when there was a court order, nobody would be wasting their time with encryption. But now they, being the federal government in general, NSA in specific, and the FBI by extension, have inspired an entire GENERATION to find every way to encrypt their private data, so that the fesds can’t easily look into their business when they have no reasonable or remotely Constitutional purpose in accessing it. For many who have absolutely NOTHING to hide, there is a certain glee in the thought of the NSA hammering away at an encrypted file for a week to find a picture of a kitten hanging from a string saying ‘hang in there!’.

The simple fact is that there is MORE justice in a ‘suspect walking free’, than there is in so called ‘federal law enforcement’ intercepting and warehousing EVERY communication by EVERY citizen of the United States of America. And THAT is exactly what they are doing.

If the FBI needs some criminals they can prosecute, they may want to look to the NSA themselves and arrest EVERYONE there for violations of The Constitution of the United States.

As Ed Snoden put it, encryption is simply a technological way of ENFORCING our rights, when the federal government chooses to ignore them.

hang in there kitty
hang in there kitty pictures

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