So what is the fourth of July? Is it the day we celebrate our freedom? No, because we’re not free.

‘Of course we’re free; this is the freest nation on earth’.

Yea, that’s a slogan.

Let’s keep this simple, when someone works and they don’t get the money or product of their labor, but rather it goes to someone else that is called slavery. When you work and government takes 40% of your income, you call that ‘the freest nation on earth’, and that is completely irrational.

‘But we’re better off than many countries’! OK. But have you read our Constitution? The Constitution tells government the FEW things they are permitted to do or engage in.

NOWHERE does it say, for example, that government can steal your money and give it to foreign nations. In 2015 ‘your’ government gave away $35,000,000,000.00 of your money to foreign nations.

Nowhere does it say that government has a DAMNED thing to do with your medical care.

Nowhere does it say that government has any authority over farming or any other industry.

Still feel ‘free’?

But that’s just the federal government. Let’s get more local.

You want to build a shed on your property so you just do it right? Oh, you have to go to government and ask permission to build the shed? You have to PAY them to get that permission? But at least it’s government so magically somehow it’s NOT ‘extortion’.

OK, so you can’t do what you want with your own damn property, but that’s OK, at least you have your property right? Hmm, where I live, government demands I pay them thousands of dollars every year in order to KEEP my property. They call it ‘property tax’, but if I don’t pay them they take my property. I have to give them this EVERY YEAR. I will NEVER own my own property because of government.

Still feel free.

“But we’re freer than so many other nations’.

Many of those nations have slavery ‘written into’ their constitution. Again, have you read ours? To have such beauty and freedom enshrined, and to have the corrupt criminal government, and cowardly enslaved populous we have is like having Secretariat pulling a plow. Like shaving Pavarotti sing nursery rhymes. Both are OK things, but they are capable of much more perfection.

Same in the case of the united States of America, except if Pavarotti WANT’S to sing nursery rhymes, that’s none of my business. In the case of The Constitution and ‘our’ government it is THE LAW that constrains them. It is what says “you are a valid government of the united States as long as you obey this Constitution”.

We currently have no valid federal government, nor do we have a free populous.

Sorry for the bad news. It’s the fifth now anyway, just go back to sleep.

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