Harry Reid: Fort Hood Shooting Should Revive Gun Control Push


Harry Reid: Fort Hood Shooting Should Revive Gun Control Push.

Here’s the mentality of a politician and a tyrant: Because someone who had no legal or mental history that blocked him from buying a pistol, was able to sneak it into an area where no one else is allowed to carry a firearm, we need to infringe on your ABSOLUTE right to keep and bear arms.

Now, keep in mind, the tyrant also lies through his teeth: saying that the guy “bought his gun a day or two before” the murders. Not true, he bought it a month ago. If it’s such a concern, why do you need to lie?

He asks: “Couldn’t we at least have background checks so that people who are mentally ill or who are felons” wouldn’t get firearms? As this lying tyrant WELL knows, there are background checks for those exact things. If that’s the soltuion, why do you need to lie?

You need to lie, because that’s not the solution. You need to lie, because telling people that the solution to bad people with guys is GOOD people with guns doesn’t achieve your goal. Telling people that the solution is NOT to DISARM victims, will not leave them in fear. Fear that drives people to give up their rights and beg you to save them.

You don’t need anyone to save you, as we see they can’t save people on a secure military base, so they can’t save you at home or at work or on the street. You jsut need the people who are sworn to protect your RIGHTS to stop preventing YOU from protecting YOURSELF.

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