I don’t really go for all this ‘our president was better than your president’ thing, but this guy forces the issue.

Too often ‘republicans’ will yell at ‘democrats’ that “you’re president sucks because he wants to cut the military and take my guns”, and the ‘democrats’ yell “your president sucks because he won’t let me be gay and smoke pot”. This is, of course, what the donkey and the elephant want you to do. Make you think that the teams are D vs R so you never realize that they are all on the same team, and it should be the politicians vs We The People. But I digress…

Ronald Reagan, the now patron saint of the big R, would actually stay in DC at Christmas time so that the secret service and other staff could be with their families. He also created the department of education.

George Bush blew off his Thanksgiving holiday and flew to Iraq and served dinner to soldiers and Marines there. He respected and loved our troops. He also got them into a war that, if nothing else in hindsight, we never should have gotten into.

That said, Barack Obama, who loves and respects no one (except perhaps his “Comrades”), takes yet another multimillion dollar vacation and while he’s there? Stops in while Marines were eating and tells them that he’s great and made phone calls to ten different ‘folks’, and get photos and video of him expressing his ‘appreciation’.

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