“I live in fear, and your rights are the problem”.

Why your gun makes me nervous – TheGazette.

Here we have another op-ed explaining why your rights are the problem, not her fear.

Now that’s a bit superlative, but far be it from me… The reality is that this woman is scared, she wants to feel safe. She wants the world not to need guns. She wants only the police who are ‘trained with their weapons’ to be able to defend themselves or others.

As ever, we support our local law enforcement, but lets look at this. In the event of a ‘dynamic critical incident’ she wants ONLY people who are likely to be 10-15 minutes away, to be able to help her. She wants people who are ONLY required to qualify once a year by shooting 48 rounds through a target at 3, 7, 15 and 25 yards, the be the ONLY one who can save her. If she doesn’t want to be able to save herself that’s her choice, but for me I’ll cling to my rights to protect and defend myself and others.

The bottom line is that there are things to fear in this world. No one can protect you from all of them. You will be in danger. Likely EVERY day. One day you WILL die. There is nothing you can do about that. Taking away the rights of others will never do you any good, and will only be tolerated by those who are weak and fearful themselves, and by those who benefit from those fears and want to rule over you.

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