Indoor Vegetable Garden Sparks SWAT Team Raid | Off The Grid News


Indoor Vegetable Garden Sparks SWAT Team Raid | Off The Grid News.

Everyone involved in this story, other than the people who got raided, should be sued into oblivion. Trooper calls another state to tell them that one of their citizens bought gardening equipment?!? Cops search the purchasers trash?!!? Judge gives them a warrant because they bought gardening equipment and have tea leaves in their trash?!?!?.

This is a miserable FAILURE at every step by the people who are supposed to protect your rights: The trooper? Should have minded his own damn business. it’s not your business who might break the law, it’s your business who HAS broken the law. The detectives or chief in the town that the victim of this raid lived in, should have said ‘so what’ when the trooper called to tell him that someone bought gardening equipment. The judge should have laughed in the face of whoever asked for a warrant.

Sadly, best case scenario is they sue the town that conducted the raid, then the town takes more money from the victim themselves, and their neighbors to pay for the suite, and nothing will change. Sue the trooper, sue the chief, sue the judge. Individually, and they’ll think twice about tossing your rights down the shitter next time.

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