Jackson: Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland

Man with keltec 380

“John is wondering if he shouldn’t just cancel his CCW license.”

via Jackson: Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland.


After being followed for ten minutes, by a ‘transit cop’ who somehow knew he owned a firearm, and at some point felt he had enough probably cause (or not) to stop him, a man was held, searched and humiliated in front of his family and anyone who happened to be driving on i95 that day for nearly two hours. Because he owns a gun.

Now remember people, we’re allowed to own guns. We have the absolute right to “keep and bear arms”. We also have the right to transport a firearm through any state in the union, regardless of how their citizens allow them to violate the 2nd Amendment. We also have a right to travel unaccosted.

This guy shouldn’t be cowering in fear, and thinking of getting rid of his license to carry, he should be bringing suite against the individual cop, the transit authority, and the state of maryland.


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