Just another ‘R vs D’ argument.


This “Top 10 Reasons To Vote Democrat” List From Allen West Is One Of The Best Things On The Internet | The Federalist Papers.

I like Allen West, and some of these are clever, but the fact remains, My ‘republican’ governor signed the largest gas tax into existence so I could be forced to pay for free bus rides for people.

Have ‘republicans’ stopped the federal government from taking your money? No, on average our debt increases at the same rate under EVERY president and administration. That means they necessarily have to take more money from us to pay the interest.

On guns? GEORGE BUSH said ‘if there were enough votes to reinstate the (so called) ‘assault weapons’ ban, I’d sign it’.

On illegal aliens? John McCain wrote an amnesty bill.

And on Oil, ON OIL!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! ‘republican’ presidents sent our soldiers and Marines to DIE in the sand, so we could buy oil from people who hate us.

So am I saying that ‘republicans are the real bad guys’?? No. I’m saying our government is the bad guy. Grown and enlarged with every passing year. Why? Because they can, and it gives them more power.” Why? Because The People are by and large sleeping sheep who neither know or care for their rights. Rights that their forefathers died for by the thousands.

So don’t be taken in by ‘well meaning’ republicans or democrats; none of them are “for you”, they are for government. Their style of government, but government.

What should you do? Live your life. Do what you do.Give them as little consideration as they give you. What are you going to accomplish by worrying about them? Make your life as self reliant as possible. You, your family, your community.

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