March for Life Expects 500,000 – Breitbart

March for Life Expects 500,000 – Breitbart.

I always hated having my birthday on ‘abortion day’. This was only more enforced when ‘my mother’ told my wife, completely unsolicited “If abortion was legal at the time I would have aborted Michael.” She was so stunned that she didn’t even tell me for several years imagining it must be the most horribly cruel thing my mother had ever said. Of course it wasn’t.

A lifetime of scars aside, the bottom line is that the law was the ONLY constraining factor on my mother. She didn’t care about the moral matter, she didn’t care about ‘her child’, she didn’t care about ending a distinct separate human life. She cared about the law. And despite the fact that I was a COMPLETELY “unwanted pregnancy”, and spent the MAJORITY of my life dealing with the pain she caused me, the minority has been inspirational. The minority has been glorious. And the minority is growing into the majority. With Gods grace, if I continue to see days, I will see a day where the majority of my life has been joyous.

Anyone who knows me knows that I understand there to be too damn many laws. Laws that the government has no business or authority to enact, but government does have the clear and distinct responsibility to protect our rights  to life, liberty and property. Where there is life there is hope, and if a law is the only thing that can constrain one to preserve life and that hope, then I will make the RARE decision to support any law that will do that.

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