NYPD hunting for Hoffman’s heroin dealer | New York Post

NYPD hunting for Hoffman’s heroin dealer | New York Post.

I feel great pity for Philip Seymour Hoffman and more his family and loved ones, but what I want to know is, yesterday, when some other heroin addict was found dead with a needle in their arm, did they spend this much time tracking down the dealer?

In 2009 100,000 people died from heroine overdose world wide. Anyone in law enforcement or medical professions would tell you that number has SKYROCKETED in the last several years. Even working on the 2009 numbers, and then assuming that they were distributed evenly by population (rather than concentrated in large cities like new york) that’d be 120/year in New York. So the question is, did they go crazy and spend all your money to find the dealer that sold heroine to your cousin, or do they only spend your money searching for drug dealers that kill famous people?

People, this is coming to your door. You presently know someone who has been effected by heroine use. Whether by using, or being a victim of other crime. Where I am in ‘affluent’ Chester county PA, easily 80% of residential burglaries are attributed to people who in most cases got into pills; Oxycontin and the like, and when that gets too expensive they turn to heroine. When that gets too expensive, they break into all of those half million dollar houses that litter the landscape.

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