Obama Reveals the One Thing He and Gov. Rick Perry Disagreed on During Border Crisis Meeting, Calls on Congress to Act | TheBlaze.com

“The challenge is, is congress prepared to act to put the resources in place to get this done?” Obama said. “Another way of putting it, and I said this directly to the governor, are folks more interested in politics or are they more interested in solving the problem? If they’re interested in solving the problem, then this can be solved.”

via Obama Reveals the One Thing He and Gov. Rick Perry Disagreed on During Border Crisis Meeting, Calls on Congress to Act | TheBlaze.com.

Well that last statement is probably the truest thing this president has said to date.

With his usual smug smile and the class and respectability of a three card Monte dealer, your ‘president’ once again pushes his responsibilities off on someone else.

I’m not sure why this border crisis isn’t George Bush’s fault (he’d be closer to the truth with that this once!). Instead, he says if congress gives him 2 billion dollars, he’ll stop the invasion of illegal aliens, that he has a) done nothing to prevent (with the BILLIONS of dollars already spent on our borders), and b) that he either indirectly or directly (only history will tell) CAUSED.

You know what, anywhere else, and were it anyONE else, when someone tells you ‘I’ll stop the problem that I caused if you give me money’, they call it extortion. It’s a felony and lands people in jail. It’s supposed to do the same for elected officials, but this president considers himself above the law. And EVERYONE in congress has agreed with him thus far.

Not only does obama cry poor mouth, he blames his inaction on a desire not to get in trouble by ‘acting without congress’. Sorry I need to explain this to you mr obama, but congress is pissed off at you for doing things YOU”RE NOT ALLOWED TO DO by yourself. ONLY CONGRESS can make laws. YOU can’t make an ‘executive decision’ on what’s a law and what isn’t. However, YOU HAVE THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY, as well as the ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY to enforce the law, including to SECURE THE BORDER.

It is the lack of ENFORCEMENT of EXISTING  immigration law that has caused this so called crisis. A crisis that doesn’t require you to STEAL another $2,000,000,000,000.00 of OUR money and piss it away: it requires a dozen buses with spanish speaking drivers to drive these people back across the border. From there it requires our border patrol to STOP illegal aliens. Not pick them up and drive them to counties that you don’t like as punishment, and then hire lawyers for them (again with our money). But to stop them, and send them back to the mexican side of the border. It’s a SIMPLE issue, with a simple solution.

So with all due respect mr obama, to quote Betty Logan from Heaven Can Wait: ‘I don’t doubt your sincerity at all, I’m absolutely certain that you’re lying’.

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