Obama: U.S. must support partners against ISIS – CNN.com

Obama: U.S. must support partners against ISIS – CNN.com.

Good God but your ‘president’ loves props behind him when he lies…

But that’s not my point today. the point I want to make is where was the first time you heard ISIS referred to as ISIL? It was from this administration right? Probably from obama himself. EVERYONE for months, has been talking about ISIS. Suddenly obama starts talking about them, the first time since he blew them off as the JV team a year ago, and he’s calling them ISIL. Only referring to them as ISIL.

Well so what. Who cares what it’s called? Just let me find out what the box wants me to think before Dancing with the stars comes on!

Yea, well if you care about what your government is doing around the world in your name, and if you care about what your president’s vision of what the world should be is I’ve got a simple point to make.

ISIS is the islamic state in Iraq and Syria. That’s what they are. That is reality. Well we all know this president doesn’t like anything to do with reality.

So what is ISIL? The islamic state in Iraq and the Levant.

So what is the Levant? Well simply put, it’s a larger area than they’ve actually got. It’s “the countries bordering on the E Mediterranean” according to Merriam WebsterIncluding Israel.

Your president is running PR for a terrorist organization and declaring them the ruling force of EVERYTHING bordering the eastern Mediterranean. It’s that simple.

The Levant

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