Officials Review Federal Aid After North Carolina LGBT Law – Fortune

Federal officials are considering whether North Carolina’s new law restricting LGBT protections makes the state ineligible for federal aid…

Source: Officials Review Federal Aid After North Carolina LGBT Law – Fortune

This is the face of the insane world we live in today.

First, the so called ‘federal government’ steals money every week from the citizens of every state, and then bribe the politicians in those states with that money. ‘Do this or that, or we’ll take your highway grants…’ Horseshit. It’s not a grant, it’s not aid.

Second, the ‘restriction of lgbt (eieio) protections, is simply this: If you’re male, you may only use the mens restroom, not the womens. So if you’re one of the people up in arms because north carolina ‘discriminates against’ these people, then a) Stop listening to the bullshit that your tv tells you to think, and b) tell me if you want your 12 year old daughter to be changing at the Y and have some guy come in and whip out his dong in front of her, because that’s the behavior that this law ‘discriminates against’.

It’s simple, this is the US. If you’re a man who want to pretend to be a woman, you have that right. But your rights end where others begin, and that includes at the bathroom door.

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