PA cops can search your car without a warrant «

Justice Seamus McCaffery said requiring police to have probable cause for a search is “a strong and sufficient safeguard against illegal searches,”

via PA cops can search your car without a warrant «

In case you needed evidence that judges are stupider than everyone else… Here’s what the Pennsylvania Constitution says about search and seizure:

The people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions from unreasonable searches and seizures, and no warrant to search any place or to seize any person or things shall issue without describing them as nearly as may be, nor without probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation subscribed by the affiant.”

So The Constitution of Pennsylvania, the SUPREME law of the land, says that “probably cause’ is simple ONE of the REQUIREMENTS for getting a warrant, which is REQUIRED to search or seize someones “houses, papers and possessions”.

Now we have a ‘judge’ who says that doesn’t matter. A Pennsylvania (so called) ‘supreme court’ justice, says that the law doesn’t matter. That he thinks, that a cop who is willing to say that he has probably cause, either because it’s true or because he just feels like it (there’s no denying there’s cops in both camps), overrides the law. One individual, with no accountability in that moment, can override the supreme law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

OK, so if a cop, a single cop, or a single judge for that matter, can override the supreme law of Pennsylvania, then I can’t imagine why us little people can’t override the regular laws right? So if I’m late, I can break that silly speed limit law right? If you’re broke, you can steal right? If someone is sick or depressed, they can ignore the drug laws right? I will wager this same judge will answer ‘no’ to all of these (of course I can’t ‘wager’ because gambling is illegal, except for the government run gambling. Hmmm).

So that brings us to the only logical conclusion: government; judges, cops, presidents, can pick and choose the laws to obey or enforce, because they are so superior to The People that they are supposed to be drawn from.

Government, who’s sole reason for existence is to protect the rights of individuals, has decided that their primary need is to protect themselves from us. At this point they have decided that our rights are at best irrelevant at worst a threat to their continued position.

We are living in a lawless nation, the laws that constrain our government are ignored, while more and more laws to constrain and control The People are forced upon us.

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