The tears of a clown


So by now you’ve likely seen obama once again explaining how expanding government and engaging in unconstitutional activity is the only solution to ‘gun violence’.

Well first of all, did you know that out of the 80,000 people who broke the EXISTING federal laws by being a felon and attempting to purchase a firearm, only 44 were prosecuted by the federal government. The same federal government that thinks infringing on YOUR rights is the solution. So if they aren’t willing to prosecute felons who break existing gun laws, who do you think they want to get with obama’s new ‘rules’??? Not felons or criminals. They want to get the law abiding citizen who chooses to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Further, he once again wants to make rules that allow his ‘agencies’ to be able to BREAK existing federal LAWS, by bypassing the HIPAA law to gather information on people with ‘mental illnesses’. Mental illnesses like being sad. You may laugh, but here’s a picture of my copy of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) version 4, which lists all the mental illnesses currently recognized by the ‘American Psychiatric Association’. It is 886 pages. Version 5 is 991 pages, and that’s after DELETING subsets of things like Schizophrenia and autism.

DSM IV 2016-01-06 16.38.21

Do you think that somewhere in all those pages they can find something wrong with everyone? Or should I say with ANYONE. Anyone they choose to. So when a loved one passes away, you’re suddenly no longer permitted to own a firearm? You’r sad, so you loose your rights? And all this from a president who clearly has Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Needless to say, the solution to ‘gun violence’ isn’t violating the rights of The People of the United States, and your president knows that, but it’s the only think he knows how to do.

The only way to ‘waste your vote’…


So I had a ‘conversation’ on Facebook last night where I mentioned that Rand Paul is the ONLY person with ANY chance of getting my vote. I didn’t elaborate, just stated it. Then it came: “well your voting for hilary then.” I won’t share the response to that in case there are children reading… But suffice to say I pointed out the cowardice of voting for the so called ‘lesser of two evils’ and saying the problem was the person who actually expected someone to EARN his vote.

This morning I found more responses, starting with one begging people not to stay home, not to not vote. BEGGING people to vote for someone unworthy of their vote because of course this is (say it with me) “the most important election of our lifetime…”. Then I saw one that said “I’m not stupid [enough] to stay home….who ever is getting the nomination I will be there to vote….I DON’T WANT MY VOTE TO GO TO THE LEFT!!!!”

I replied:

And there is the fallacy. You’re not voting for the right or the left, as if HUMAN BEINGS fit nicely into two categories!?!?!? How ludicrous is that!??!

Who told you it was ‘right’ or ‘left’? Your rulers, that’s who. And who told you your neighbor was your enemy? Your rulers. So you see you’re not voting for left or right, you’re voting for THEM or US.

Who is it that takes life? Government. Who is it that takes liberty? Government. Who is it that takes property? Government. The three things they are ‘sworn to defend’ and they are the primary destroyers of these things. So why would you let them convince you that you have to choose between a shit sandwich with an R on it and a shit sandwich with a D on it? And even more demoralizing, they make you say proudly; ‘if I don’t eat the R shit sandwich, it’s like eating the D shit sandwich so I will do my duty (no pun) and eat this one!!’. All the while they LAUGH at you as they take your money, to build more apparatus to take your liberty, and if necessary your life.

Wake up people: The ONLY way to waste your vote, is to give it to someone unworthy of it.”

Hillary Clinton to Offer Plan on Paying College Tuition Without Needing Loans

“Hillary Rodham Clinton will propose major new spending by the federal government that would help undergraduates pay tuition at public colleges without needing loans.”

Source: Hillary Clinton to Offer Plan on Paying College Tuition Without Needing Loans

You don’t believe this government is out to steal the souls of ‘children’? clinton’s plan: Steal YOUR money, and put their parents in debt so that the kids get free shit.

How much more of this are we going to take? People are working their asses off and BROKE, because your so called ‘federal government’ keeps stealing their money, under threat of violence at the point of a gun, and giving it to other people.

In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions – The New York Times

In my village in Zimbabwe, surrounded by wildlife conservation areas, no lion has ever been beloved, or granted an affectionate nickname. They are objects of terror.

Source: In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions – The New York Times

Does everyone feel stupid yet? If not, read on at the link…

Obama carbon rules ‘biggest, most important step’ ever to fight climate change – Washington Times

“Climate change is not a problem for another generation. Not anymore.”

Source: Obama carbon rules ‘biggest, most important step’ ever to fight climate change – Washington Times

Loosely translated, this means ‘within a few years it will be clear to even the most devout global warming fanatics that it’s all a ponzi scheme to steal more of your money and give it to the ruling class’.

The truth is, the only real urgency in the global warming getting the carbon tax in place before the sheep wake up.

Remember, carbon is the sixth most abundant element in the universe. Carbon dioxide, is exhaled by human beings and it consumed by plants.

Ultimately the question is; if the problem is Co2, why inst’ the solution growing plants? Planting trees? Because the people who are pushing this don’t give a shit about ‘the environment’, they care about money, power and the division of The People.

Garland Terrorist Allegedly Bought Fast and Furious Handgun

“One of the terrorists involved in the attack on the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas, was allegedly allowed to purchase a 9mm handgun from a gun store that is connected to the infamous Fast and Furious gun program run by the Obama Administration in 2010.”

Source: Garland Terrorist Allegedly Bought Fast and Furious Handgun

When I say ‘guns don’t kill people, government kills people’, this is the shit I’m talking about. Another killer who was illegally given a gun by YOUR so called ‘federal government’.

More blood on the hands of obama, holder and the agents at ground level who let it all happen.

Rudy’s Collar Update – YouTube


An update on Rudy’s Collar, which seems to be working extremely well!

Here’s the original video: 

Episode-1607- Listener Feedback for 7-20-15

Today on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on the loss of a great man, comfrey, biltong, hugulkulture, ducks, zoning  and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show that you put something like “comment for … Continue reading →

Source: Episode-1607- Listener Feedback for 7-20-15


So i was listening to this episode of The Survival Podcast today, and listening to the part at the beginning where he’s talking about Greece, and I recalled how I heard when they were at their last cliff a week or so ago, and similar to Cyprus they were planning on doing a ‘haircut’ on bank deposits over a certain amount.

Now, let’s not quickly brush past the idea that governments and banks think so little of the right of individuals to their own damn property, that they flippantly call taking 10% of it with no reasonable rational justification, a ‘haircut’.

But after that, I have to admit, I was thinking about how outrageous that is, and how pissed us Americans would be if they tried that with us…

Then I realized, they’ve been doing just that to us for the last several years (if not decades). Call it printing money, or quantitative easing, or QE1,2,3… It’s all the same thing: They print or just ‘create’ more money out of thin air and then give it to themselves (the fed after all isn’t part of the federal government, they are a private entity, made up of private bankers, charged with managing US currency).

So the bankers and government gets more money. What happens to us? Well, that new money causes the money that already exists to be worth less. Over the last 15 years at a rate of about 7-13% (if you look at the real numbers). And here’s the rub, if that money is in the bank, you lost 7-13%. But if that money is in a safe deposit box, if that money is in a safe at home or if that money is under your mattress, you STILL lost that 7-13%.

At this point your government and the bankers that control them, don’t even need to have access to your money to steal it from you.

Rudy’s Collar – YouTube

In stark contrast to most of the timing in my life, three days ago my ‘chicken’ started crowing… Two days ago I came across an article about ‘How to stop a rooster from crowing‘. So I took a look and after ‘Rudy’ decided to go absolutely crazy today when some of the girls got out of their yard (and into the main yard) (during my neighbors garden party), I decided to give it a try.

So far so good. Rudy doesn’t seem to like it much, but hopefully will get used to it being there. In the meantime, no crowing since it went on. I’ll be sure to update after a few days when we have some more data!

‘We have been betrayed!’ Protest turns violent as Greece votes – Yahoo News

As lawmakers prepared to vote on the unpopular deal, police fired tear gas to push back dozens of hooded and masked protesters, who threw rocks and stones as they chanted angrily in Syntagma square. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and eurozone counterparts agreed to the tough reforms on Monday in order to unlock a new rescue for Greece worth up to 86 billion ($94 billion) — angering many in his anti-austerity party and other leftwing supporters. Officers could be seen dragging protesters away in handcuffs and police sources said some 40 people had been detained.

Source: ‘We have been betrayed!’ Protest turns violent as Greece votes – Yahoo News

So the entire nation votes in a truly “democratic” fashion to refuse any new deal or cuts, and just days later their government ignores the will of the people and makes a deal with the rest of Europe for another bailout?

The irony is that even the AFP doesn’t consider the people that voted against this as ‘Greece’. What’s the headline? ‘…as Greece votes’. The press, and the world, consider the government of Greece as ‘Greece’ NOT the people that they supposedly represent.

Sounds a  lot like the US, except they don’t actually give us the illusion that we can vote on things.

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