Pittsburgh Post-Gazette spins victory for individual rights and state sovereignty.

“The House on Monday voted 138-56 to send to Gov. Tom Corbett a bill that would allow such groups to sue over municipal firearm regulations enacted despite state limits on such rules.”

via Gun bill passed by House could lead to NRA lawsuit against Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Here’s just a little more proof that the ‘pittsburgh posty gazette’ is a shill rag.

The fact of the matter is that the constitution and state laws of Pennsylvania OUTLAW local or county governments to make ANY regulation regarding firearms or ammunition. It is ILLEGAL. Any municipality that is, as the gazette puts it ‘enacting regulations despite state limits on such rules’  , is actually VIOLATING THE LAW. That is the issue here.

The point of that part of the new law is this: If a local government arrests you for an unconstitutional and illegal local law, that is to say, if they VIOLATE YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and you have to go to court to defend yourself against a local government that is INTENTIONALLY VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION, you can make THEM pay your legal fees etc.

Previously you had NO recourse against an illegal arrest for an unconstitutional or illegal firearm ‘law’, and further there was NO deterent for municipalities from violating your rights.

Who would have a problem with this? Who would try to spin this? Who would say something like “no one, much less resource-strapped municipalities and their taxpayers, should be singled out to bear markedly increased risk and cost for trying to protect human life.”?

Certainly these poor helpless city governments, like philadelphia shouldn’t have to pay legal fees right?

Philadelphia, by and large is ‘governed’ by thugs, that make the mafia of the 70s and 80s look like your fairy godmother.

They have historically been HAPPY to piss away their constituents money to fight INDIVIDUALS who don’t have the money to battle such a corrupt machine, just to defend their individual rights.

Now the table is turned, and philadelphia and other municipalities who are happy to piss their (citizens) money away to violate peoples rights, are crying poor mouth, because they want to continue to enforce illegal ‘laws’ and they now can get sued over it. YOU can now defend yourself against a corrupt government. A government that breaks the law, and violates your constitutional rights is corrupt, right?

While you think about this, and perhaps if the hair on the back of your neck is coming up because the state is ‘protecting those gun people’, remember this: They are not.

They are protecting your rights, and as I’ve said repeatedly over the last several years, if you let government violate rights, simply because they are not rights that you personally particularly care about, you can be sure, soon enough, they will violate rights that you do care, very dearly about.

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