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“…there are those today who follow directly in the footsteps of the Nazis and who state proudly that they want to see all Jews dead, all of israel wiped off the face of the earth. (It is in Hamas’ offical charter – I’m serious – look).”

via Shalom, motherf****r. | Eitan Chitayat | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel.

Let me be clear, if you are listening to the ‘news’ and parroting this ‘Israel stole land’ and ‘there would be peace if Israel gave up (THEIR) land’ crap, then you are saying:

“I see it happening again, that thing we said we would never let happen again, I see it coming. And I CHOOSE to be on the side of the nazi’s”.

That is what you are saying, and history will rightly condemn you for standing on a side who’s stated goal and purpose, is not to defend ‘the people of palestine’ (look it up, there are videos of hamas BEATING people trying to flee the buildings they have stored weapons in, after Israel has warned that building is a target), but rather to kill EVERY JEW and Israeli on the planet and, literally, wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

You’re standing with a group who’s ONLY goal is death.

What’s more, you’re taking the side of people who WORSHIP DEATH. Who believe if they kill themselves while killing others they will be rewarded with sex from 72 virgins. That is nothing but twisted and deranged.

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