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Supreme Court

“The issue concerns the federal government’s attempt to prosecute those who legally buy guns with the intention of selling them to another person who can legally own them.”

via Supreme Court To Decide Who Can Buy & Sell Guns | Off The Grid News.


So you can buy a book, or a car, or a stereo with the intention of selling it to someone else, presumably at a profit, because that’s how capitalism works. In addition, it is illegal for ANYONE to sell a firearm to a person who is known NOT to be able to possess one, a felon for example.

So with that law in place, why would it be illegal for a law abiding person to purchase a firearm, and then sell it to another person who they know is able to legally posses the firearm? Why does the so called ‘federal government’ think they should have any say in that, let alone to say that the person selling that firearm is suddenly a criminal, simply for selling their property to another person who is in no way barred from owning or possessing it?


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