SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Police say Michael Brown was suspect in Ferguson store robbery – YouTube

via SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Police say Michael Brown was suspect in Ferguson store robbery – YouTube.

Here’s your ‘gentle giant’.

Do you believe his (felon) mother’s narrative? He was a sweet kid, nice as can be, gentle giant? Then there is NO WAY after seeing this that you should be in any way outraged that he was shot by police.

Now how can i say that? How can I say ESPECIALLY if you believe what his (felon) mother says about him, you should, if nothing else, be MORE likely to believe the police?

Well lets think through this. He’s a ‘gentle giant’ normally. OK Great. So he wouldn’t normally do something that would cause a cop to need to shoot him right? He wouldn’t violently attack a cop, right? So the cop was definitely wrong, right? Not on your life.

I said a gentle giant wouldn’t normally do that. In addition, a gentle giant wouldn’t normally brutishly steal from a convenience store and assault someone a foot shorter and 150 pounds smaller than him right? A gentle giant wouldn’t do that right? Right.

OK, so he wouldn’t normally do either of these things. But we have video of him doing ONE of these things. You can WATCH him right now, stealing from a convenience store, being a brute and assaulting a 95 pound storekeeper. You see him taking stuff that doesn’t belong to him and assaulting the person it does belong to. Not the normal behavior of a ‘gentle giant’.

So clearly, if you are to believe his (felon) mother, this isn’t a normal day. If you believe his (felon) mother, something is terribly amiss. If this person who, because of his ‘gentle giant’ness would NEVER assault someone, did so, there is something wrong with his reasoning or decision making that caused him to do just that. And whatever that something is, whether being high, being drunk, having a mental breakdown or being possessed by the spirit of Chester Turner for that matter, it just as likely caused him to put the officer who shot him into a position where he needed to defend himself.

I guarantee you, this cop would have shot a stringy white meth head as quickly and as necessarily as he did Mike Brown. Race never entered this equation until a sharpton, obama and holder started crying racist.

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