Ted Cruz and the Point of No Return | National Review Online

via Ted Cruz and the Point of No Return | National Review Online.

So is Sowell, saying that ‘only the republicans can save us’?!?!?
Yea, Ted Cruise is a crazy person of no use, showboating, Shouting inane things like “Give me liberty or give me death”?

I think Sowell, who I had a GREAT deal more respect for yesterday, underestimates the VAST majority of the so called ‘federal government’ that enjoys being in the ruling class, and is HAPPY to follow a dictator to remain in it.

Comparing Cruise to obama, comparing Cruise saying; ‘the federal government must stop ignoring the constitution and violating The People’s rights’ to obama saying; ‘hope and change’, is ridiculous, and beneath a thinking man like Sowell.

There’s no denying that that real change, or rather restoration in this republic requires leaders working togehter for it, but it is the Ted Cruises that we need to rally around, not Newt Gingrich, or John Boehner. The fact is the ‘establishment GOP’ is scared as hell of The People who are starting to stand up and say “I’ll defend my own damn liberty, and congress can go home and read The Constitution”. I had no idea that same establishment GOP had Thomas Sowell in their pocket. A great disapointment.

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