The only way to ‘waste your vote’…


So I had a ‘conversation’ on Facebook last night where I mentioned that Rand Paul is the ONLY person with ANY chance of getting my vote. I didn’t elaborate, just stated it. Then it came: “well your voting for hilary then.” I won’t share the response to that in case there are children reading… But suffice to say I pointed out the cowardice of voting for the so called ‘lesser of two evils’ and saying the problem was the person who actually expected someone to EARN his vote.

This morning I found more responses, starting with one begging people not to stay home, not to not vote. BEGGING people to vote for someone unworthy of their vote because of course this is (say it with me) “the most important election of our lifetime…”. Then I saw one that said “I’m not stupid [enough] to stay home….who ever is getting the nomination I will be there to vote….I DON’T WANT MY VOTE TO GO TO THE LEFT!!!!”

I replied:

And there is the fallacy. You’re not voting for the right or the left, as if HUMAN BEINGS fit nicely into two categories!?!?!? How ludicrous is that!??!

Who told you it was ‘right’ or ‘left’? Your rulers, that’s who. And who told you your neighbor was your enemy? Your rulers. So you see you’re not voting for left or right, you’re voting for THEM or US.

Who is it that takes life? Government. Who is it that takes liberty? Government. Who is it that takes property? Government. The three things they are ‘sworn to defend’ and they are the primary destroyers of these things. So why would you let them convince you that you have to choose between a shit sandwich with an R on it and a shit sandwich with a D on it? And even more demoralizing, they make you say proudly; ‘if I don’t eat the R shit sandwich, it’s like eating the D shit sandwich so I will do my duty (no pun) and eat this one!!’. All the while they LAUGH at you as they take your money, to build more apparatus to take your liberty, and if necessary your life.

Wake up people: The ONLY way to waste your vote, is to give it to someone unworthy of it.”

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