The state of the States

So I got an email from a cannabis related group about  ‘the state of marijuana in the world today’. They note:

“This year, Canada, South Africa, and Brazil joined the list of marijuana-friendly countries. The United States, unfortunately, is still divided.”

Of course, I had to jump right on this. They unknowingly, of course, hit right on the problem:

The United States isn’t divided, the united States ARE divided. And the united States are SUPPOSED to be divided.

With the despicable Jeff Sessions now declaring he will violate the sovereign rights of individuals in these States who consume, cultivate or distribute cannabis, it will only become MORE divided.

The time has come for these States to STAND. California; you steal more money from your people in the form of taxes than most other states, it’s time to spend that money DEFENDING your people. You want to assert your authority under the tenth amendment?

Then assert it:

Step one, give NO aid or assistance to ANY federal agents.
Step two, ARREST ANY federal agent who tries to kidnap one of your citizens who are engaging in activity that is legal in your state.
Step three, CLEARLY declare federal prohibition as unconstitutional.
Step four, if the feds threaten to cut ‘funding’ to your state, STOP SENDING YOUR PEOPLES MONEY to the feds.

These state whore politicians have FAR too long allowed the feds to manipulate them by bribing them with money they stole from The People of their state.  That needs to end. We can’t ‘vote the bums out’ of DC, that has never worked and never will, the only thing we can do is enforce The Constitution.

The States are the only possible way it can be done without actual violent revolution.

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