The truth about the Bundy Ranch Standoff.

I’ve seen many of the same theories about the Bundy ranch; it’s about shale oil, it’s about property development. All of which turned out to be bunk, and were just as likely added to the fire to make everything seem like the dreaded ‘conspiracy theories’.

This site actually vetted their information and eliminated the invalid, and EASILY proved the real story.

You can see the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) web page that said cattle needed to be removed for the sake of deal for solar generation:

Bundy Ranch - Page That they took down from the BLM website - Solar Project

You can see that this page at the BLM site was REMOVED after this standoff started:

And is there anything about Harry Reid that would make you think one word of this is untrue? You have a corrupt government trampling on the individual, and the narator is right: We need state and local law enforcement with a spine, to stand up, and protect the rights of their citizens.

Spend 11 minutes watching this video.

And the whole story and transcript is here:

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