Trump: Repeal ObamaCare now, replace it later | TheHill

President Trump on Friday said Republicans should just repeal ObamaCare and replace it later

Source: Trump: Repeal ObamaCare now, replace it later | TheHill

The irony is that they repealed it months ago, knowing obama would veto it. Since then they haven’t even put the bill forth again. I don’t know if trump is grandstanding knowing they still won’t, or if he actually wants to repeal the thing, but the only constitutional option is to repeal it. That’s it.

But as I’ve said for years now, republicans don’t have a problem with a government takeover of the medical industry in the US, they just want a REPUBLICAN takeover, not the democrat takeover. And I imagine once they do repeal it and replace it, in four years when the D’s have all the power again, they’ll do the same.

In a nation where The Constitution means DICK to those who rule over you, this is what you get.

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