Video: Besieged Carney Claims Newly-Released WH Emails…Weren’t About Benghazi – Guy Benson

Video: Besieged Carney Claims Newly-Released WH Emails…Weren’t About Benghazi – Guy Benson.

Jay Carney is one of the most sickening people on the planet. Nearly EVERYTHING he says in this exchange is an outright, blatant lie. He says it with conviction, and acts like they’ve been clear on everything that they denied, and all information they denied access to.

a) The day of, the administration was saying OVER AND OVER AND OVER that the CIA was telling them the attack at the Benghazi consulate was because of a video.

b) The CIA finally revealed that they didn’t suspect a video was the cause, and they said so to the president and his state department.

c) The administration claims that that was the information they had received.

d) Requests went in for information from the administration on Benghazi, which were denied and only filled after a ‘freedom of information’ request forced the administration to release them.

e) The new emails come out showing that the administration knew that the attack had nothing to do with a video, and that they only pushed that story to prevent the news from hurting obamas election prospects in 2012.

f) Jay Carney tells reporters that the emails had nothing to do with Benghazi. The emails that were provided when the people investigating asked for ‘Benghazi documents’. The emails that say that

Read through, and watch the video.


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