[Watch] Police State Freeway Lock Down – Warrantless Car to Car Search |


[Watch] Police State Freeway Lock Down – Warrantless Car to Car Search |.

So called ‘law enforcement’ in mary land is OUT OF CONTROL.  The  ‘news’ doesn’t even note that, in violation of the law, thousands were detained and in violation of The Constitution of the United States, they searched without warrant what may have been hundreds of individuals and their vehicles.

All the criminality of their actions aside, this tactic was completely asinine! OK, we think that this is a big enough deal, and they are dangerous enough to warrant shutting down an 8 lane highway, so you’re going to trap those dangerous armed individuals in a sea of citizens. Good thinking. What if they start to shoot. You can’t return fire, because there is ABSOLUTELY no angle that doesn’t have someone behind them. So if they are REALLY genuinely dangerous, and not just a couple of guys who robbed a bank, you’ve put the people in the 20 or 30 cars nearest to them in grave danger?

They they have the gall to say this violations of innocent peoples rights, and endangerment of their lives is a ‘bold tactic’? Every individual who was in that jam should sue the living crap out of this department or the state. But it’s mary land, so they won’t.

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