‘We have been betrayed!’ Protest turns violent as Greece votes – Yahoo News

As lawmakers prepared to vote on the unpopular deal, police fired tear gas to push back dozens of hooded and masked protesters, who threw rocks and stones as they chanted angrily in Syntagma square. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and eurozone counterparts agreed to the tough reforms on Monday in order to unlock a new rescue for Greece worth up to 86 billion ($94 billion) — angering many in his anti-austerity party and other leftwing supporters. Officers could be seen dragging protesters away in handcuffs and police sources said some 40 people had been detained.

Source: ‘We have been betrayed!’ Protest turns violent as Greece votes – Yahoo News

So the entire nation votes in a truly “democratic” fashion to refuse any new deal or cuts, and just days later their government ignores the will of the people and makes a deal with the rest of Europe for another bailout?

The irony is that even the AFP doesn’t consider the people that voted against this as ‘Greece’. What’s the headline? ‘…as Greece votes’. The press, and the world, consider the government of Greece as ‘Greece’ NOT the people that they supposedly represent.

Sounds a  lot like the US, except they don’t actually give us the illusion that we can vote on things.

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