What EricGarner is “really about”.


So here are the things you really have to consider with the Ferguson / Eric Garner deaths;

First, these two deaths are not connected. In Ferguson, a cop shot a guy that the vast majority of witnesses clearly saw attacking him. Eric Garner was killed by by a cop while selling cigarettes and ‘defying the will’ of the cop.  By the way, they call this “Sensible Tobacco Enforcement” in NY City.

Second, neither were racially motivated. One got shot because he attacked a cop. He would have been shot if he was a white guy attacking the same cop, or most other cops. The other was killed by an asshole. That asshole would have choked to death a white guy or any other guy in that situation.

Lastly and most important, you have to consider the situations if they happened to you:
First, if you are legally able to carry a firearm, and someone who just robbed a store, and who you just told to get out of the street so you could drive on, dives in your car and punches you in the head, repeatedly, clearly intending to ‘kill or cause grave bodily injury’, what would YOU do? You would quite possibly retrieve your firearm and shoot him. The next question is, what would happen to you? Typically, the police/ district attorney would decide if they were going to charge you with a crime. In some states, they charge someone anytime there is a homicide (“Homicides include all killings of humans“.) and let a judge deal with it. In other states they review the situation and evidence, and charge only if it appears there was the proverbial ‘foul play’.
Next one is a bit tougher, because there is no real analogy to someone selling cigarette,s because you wouldn’t care. Given that you or I wouldn’t care, it make s me wonder why there is a law against it in the first place?
In any event, lets just say that someone is selling cigarettes. You see the person selling cigarettes and tell them to leave, they refuse so you choke them to death.
Again, the next question is what will happen to you? Well, you’ll be charged with murder.

So there’s the matter. In one case you have a cop doing exactly what you would do and getting exactly what you would get, vs another where one does something outrageous and is not held responsible for his action. And that not racism, is the problem in this case.

You have meaningless, pointless laws that police are required to enforce, and overzealous cops who feel they are above the law, not to mention politicians who hand down politically motivated decisions that throw cities into riots.

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