Why I ddin’t watch The State of the Union address.

US Capital in Ruins

Tonight was the latest installment of the State of the Union. I don’t know what the ‘president’ said. I didn’t watch it.


The reason is simple: the is almost NO hope for the so called ‘federal government’ at this point.

People will say ‘what about Rand Paul?’, ‘What about Ted Cruise?’. Well, the list usually ends there. Now I won’t claim for a moment that there aren’t many more in the federal government who take their oath seriously. But the VAST majority of  politicians are no more than just that; politicians, not ‘public servants’,  not your employees, not people bound by The Constitution, just politicians who’s sole function is to liberate you of your money, and think of things to spend it on that will benefit their political careers.

We can’t fight that, we can’t even touch them. They are so far out of ‘arms reach’ that you, their constituents can have no affect on what they do or don’t do. But we can vote for new bums! I mean, “vote the bums out!”. How did that work last time? For the folks who elected ‘common sense gun law’ proponent Pat Toomey thinking he would stand for Liberty and The Constitution, it didn’t work well at all. Voting in new bums does no good. Even the most promising folks are all but doomed from day 1 (see http://definingthemachine.com/ )

So what to do? It is often said by the ‘gun rights’ crowd that ‘The Second Amendment is the one that protects the others”. That is partially true; the other is the Tenth. Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast said once; ‘the job of the state government is to protect your rights from the federal government, the job of the county government is to protect your rights from the state, and your locality from the county’. That is the only political arena that there is hope in. Getting your state reps to uphold The Constitution. To ‘nullify’ unconstitutional laws. Take your pick, there are plenty. Get a governor who will uphold your state and the US Constitution. That will VETO anything that isn’t. That will protect your rights; from the NSA? the DHS? the EPA? the IRS? the DOJ?

The fact is that the federal government has a history of assuming ANY power they are not stopped from assuming. Beyond that, we have an ‘executive branch’ that now believes, again, because no one has given them reason not to,  that they can institute any law they wants, simply by calling it a ‘rule’.  At the same time, the president and his ‘department of justice’ have picked and chosen what laws they will enforce.  Further, when it comes to immigration and  voter fraud laws, they have gone as far as PREVENTING states from enforcing such laws. Even using YOUR MONEY to sue states that want to enforce the law.

So then we have the so called ‘supreme court’, they’ll save us no doubt right? Yea, just as John Roberts not only ‘upheld’ an unconstitutional ‘healthcare’ law, but actually thought up an argument that the congress nor executive branch had come up with in order to be able to uphold it. Again, a complete overstepping of the courts authority.  Far more simple than that, you have an entity that decided that  a farmer growing crops on his own property and consuming them there, somehow falls under “interstate commerce”, and from there, so does EVERYTHING else.

The other problem is that at this point, or at least at the point of the last presidential election, there are more US citizens who agree that the federal governments job is to take your stuff, and give some of it to them. Solution again, is in the States. When everyone in Texas decides that they are sick of giving their money to the feds, so they can give it to illegal aliens in california there’ll be change. Not to mention when they stop giving them money to bail out companies that aren’t viable…

So there it is, aside form needing protection FROM them, the federal government has absolutely no relevance in anyone’s day to day lives, except those who have chosen to be enslaved to them whether through ‘government jobs’ or ‘programs’.

Now, from there we have to start talking about your own personal sovereignty.

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