Why I hate ‘presidents day’.

via Washington’s Birthday — The Patriot Post.

Well for one, because presidents day doesn’t exist.

‘Presidents day’ as it is often referred to is a celebration of this nations first and most honorable president.  It is the anniversary of George Washington’s birthday. That is still the legal holiday we celebrate. “Washington’s Birthday”, a holiday that was celebrated by The People long before the so called ‘federal government’ decided to recognize it as a holiday.

So why do I hate ‘presidents day’? Because it’s ‘any old president’s day’. It’s NIXON day. It’s OBAMA day. It’s FDR day. It’s REAGAN day for that matter…

So lets not honor someone simply because they held a particular job, demanding though it may be. There have been some grade A turds that have held the office of president, from passive losers like bill clinton who did nothing but chase women, to people like FDR and obama who actively work[ed] to destroy the constitution and the so called ‘American Way’. None deserve the recognition of our first president.

Happy Birthday President Washington.

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